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What Is PigMillion Possibilities?

We are a free outreach program promoting disability awareness and responsible citizenship among Bay Area youth through a unique blend of traditional educational components and hands-on applications.

Why enroll your class?

Introducing youth to the complexities and commonalities of people with disabilities strengthens the core curriculum of every school. Specifically, PigMillion Possibilities:

  • Supports English-language and visual arts curriculum standards for the 5th grade
  • Affirms the pillars of citizenship, respect, and caring for Character Counts
  • Utilizes experiential learning and teaching methods with the highest retention rates on the learning pyramid to ensure lasting impressions
  • Unique lesson plan is taught by a trained volunteer

Is your class enrolled?

Learning about disabilities, often for the first time, then understanding those same disabilities as possibilities is a classroom experience students, and teachers, may remember for a lifetime. Pigmillion Possibilities provides the curriculum and all materials, which we will send to your school in time for you to review before your scheduled PigMillion Possibilities presentation.

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